“Telly Startup Plans to Give Away 500,000 Free 4K TVs This Year, But There’s a Catch: Constantly Streaming Ads on a Second Screen”

Telly Startup, a bold new company in the television industry, has taken the market by storm with its unique business model. The company plans to give away an astounding 500,000 free 4K TVs this year, but there’s a catch: each TV comes with a second screen that constantly displays targeted ads based on the household’s personal data. This innovative approach to advertising has garnered significant attention, and within the first 36 hours of the launch, over 100,000 people signed up to receive a free 4K TV from Telly.

The concept of receiving a high-quality television for free is undoubtedly enticing, and Telly has capitalized on this by tapping into people’s natural inclination to take advantage of a good deal. The startup’s CEO and founder, Ilya Pozin, expressed his excitement and satisfaction with the overwhelming response, stating that the number of signups far exceeded their expectations, even without spending a single dollar on marketing efforts. Pozin enthusiastically declared, “We’re just getting started!”

What sets Telly apart from other television manufacturers is its use of a second screen, seamlessly integrated into the TV’s design. This second screen, located at the bottom of the display and connected through a soundbar, continuously streams personalized information and advertisements based on the household’s extensive personal data. By leveraging this data, Telly aims to deliver targeted ads that align with the users’ interests and preferences.

The subsidization of these free TVs comes from the revenue generated through advertising on the second screen. By offering advertisers a captive audience in the form of Telly’s users, the startup can create a sustainable business model where consumers benefit from free televisions while advertisers gain access to a highly engaged demographic. This symbiotic relationship, according to Telly, allows them to provide premium 4K TVs to consumers at no cost.

It is worth noting that the signups for Telly’s free TVs predominantly came from younger demographics, with two-thirds of the registrants being Gen Z and millennial households. Pozin attributes this interest to their desire to have a TV that aligns with their lifestyle. The integration of technology and targeted advertising seems to resonate with this tech-savvy generation, as they recognize the value of receiving a free TV while being exposed to relevant content and promotions.

While the prospect of receiving a free 4K TV is undoubtedly appealing, some individuals may be skeptical about the constant presence of targeted ads on the second screen. Concerns about privacy and data security arise when personal information is used to deliver personalized ads. Telly will need to be transparent and provide assurances that user data will be handled responsibly and securely to address these valid concerns.

As Telly begins shipping the first batch of TVs to customers on its waitlist this summer, the company is poised to disrupt the television industry. With its innovative approach to advertising and its ability to capture the attention of tech-savvy consumers, Telly is making waves. Only time will tell if this startup’s gamble pays off and if its unique business model becomes a sustainable and successful venture in the highly competitive television market.

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Image Courtesy of Telly

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